Dashboard & Reporting

Our reporting services offer you a comprehensive selection of top-notch platforms, fully configured to assist your business with cost control through real-time ad hoc, subscription, PBS claims processing, and even HIPAA-sensitive reporting — without a third-party solution!

PharmaPlus provides a broad range of reporting options:

  • Standard or customized monthly, quarterly, annual, or ad hoc reports
  • Thorough monitoring of every activity, process, task, decision, and transaction
  • Ability to craft real-time reports based on your choices, including:
    • Ad Hoc reports
    • Subscription reports: you can select and automatically generate reports, parameters, recipients, frequency, etc., sent via e-mail or upload to the system
    • HIPAA reports can be discreetly available to users through our secure network
  • Comprehensive report selection to analyze prescription benefits plans
  • Ability to update and customize reports before, during, and after implementation
  • 24/7 data availability


  • Member costs and claims data organized on a monthly, quarterly, or rolling plan basis
  • Tracking of drugs bought by category — therapeutic, medication, brand/generic, mail order, or retail
  • Tracking of physician- and member-prescription and usage patterns
  • Fast, easy solutions to confusions of management, financial data analysis, or even pharmacy claims adjudication
  • On-demand standard reports


Pharmacy Claims Processing

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Pharmacy Benefits Configuration

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Network of Pharmacies

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Administration & Maintenance

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